I was raised Roman Catholic, attending Catholic school from kindergarten through my freshman year in high school. I also attended a private Catholic college for 4 years, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with a minor in music.  As a result of my Catholic upbringing, I was raised with a very deep faith. As a child, I loved knowing that there was something out there bigger than me, something I could rely on when my struggles became more than I could bear. But I wanted to know more. There were parts of my faith and spiritual teachings that rang true in every corner of my being. You know what I’m talking about…that vibrating feeling you get when someone takes what you feel and puts them into words, speaking your truth back to you so honestly and openly that you feel completely and totally vindicated and understood. There were many aspects of Catholicism that still feel that way for me, even today. However, there were several teachings that I just couldn’t wrap my brain around. And its my discord with these teachings that caused me to start questioning my faith around 17 years old.


I began reading anything and everything I could get my hands on that could teach me about other religions. I had so many questions…What does everyone else believe and why? How did everyone get so split in their understanding of God? Is there really only one God or are there many? These are the questions that ran through my brain. I spent a decade, maybe more, just reading and listening, taking in information from any source I could find. I became a sponge. I discovered two things…the first thing is that, at the core, most religions were more similar than they were different. Yep, read it again. I just wrote that. Most religions adhere to The Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would be treated.”  Its only the semantics and theological doctrine that have created the illusion that we’re ‘different’ or ‘right’ in what we believe. The second thing that I discovered is what I believe. It wasn’t what my church told me to believe, it wasn’t what my family told me to believe, it was what I believed. I found my truth. It was 10 years in the making, but hey! No one ever said a spiritual journey was easy, they just said it would be worth it. And truly, it has been in more ways than one.

So fast forward about 3 years….I started to get tired of reading and listening. I wanted to DO things! I wanted to interact with others who believed the same things I did. I wanted it to be real, not just some intangible idea in my head. I had to prove my belief to myself. It was at this same time in my life that I was going through a divorce. Coincidence? Nope, most definitely not. My divorce showed up at a time in my life when I desperately needed a change, and I needed that change to reinforce my new belief system. Boy, did it ever! Not only was my divorce a catalyst for me to go through tons and tons and TONS of introspection, but I grew leaps and bounds as a person in the days, weeks and months that followed. I started having ah-ha moments every other day and I began connecting the dots of how the events in my life got me to the fateful D day. Accountability became a very real concept in my life. I started taking responsibility for everything in my life and began to understand that everything I did, no matter how great or small, every little decision I made, all of it…it all rolled up into one giant experience of my life as the reality that I was living in every single day. My life was what it was because I choose for it to be that way.


Man! What a slap in the face, huh? Who chooses divorce?! I sure didn’t! At least I didn’t think I did! At the time, it certainly wasn’t anything I was conscience of, but looking back, that experience was absolutely necessary for me to have so that I could learn and grow as a woman. It’s only through trials and tribulations that we learn what we’re really made of. But I digress…all this knowing-ness lead me to doing-ness. Make sense? I already knew the information, now I needed to do something with it. I started looking for classes that taught about personal growth, creating the life you want, creating happiness, etc. It was total self-help but it was what I intuitively knew I needed at that point in my life. I needed a teacher, live and in the flesh, that could help guide me. In all my research, I kept finding options for online classes, and while they all sounded like what I wanted, the classes were only offered online. At this point, I knew myself well enough to know that wouldn’t work for me. I needed physical connection. I needed a community of like-minded individuals to share with and learn from. I continued searching over the course of about 5 years.  I searched off and on for potential options, but nothing seemed to fit. That is, until last October.
Last October, a good girlfriend of mine asked me to go to the local Psychic fair with her because she knew that I was open to intuition, metaphysics, meditation & alternative therapy. So we went and had a great afternoon. We stopped at several booths, found some cool trinkets and had sessions with a couple of the practitioners at the fair. On our way out the door, we stopped by a booth that was for a place called Transcendence. They were there promoting the grand opening of their wellness center the following month. Transcendence was having a drawing for a free session with one of their practitioners, so both my girlfriend and I signed up. And guess what? A week later, Transcendence called me to let me know that I had won a free session! Little did I know that this session would become what was the beginning of a new phase in my life.
Stay tuned for part 2 next week when I will share how a class on Manifestation helped me make my writing career a reality.