Manifestation & the Road to Writing – Part 6 - Jessica Alstrom
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Manifestation & the Road to Writing – Part 6

In my last post, I went over what we covered in Week 3 of my manifestation class…the mind, body, spirit connection.  This week’s post is the last installment on this amazing class.  If you’re at all interested in what I’ve been sharing here, I highly suggest taking this class.  It is a wonderful jumping off point in which you begin to understand exactly how much the universe works in our favor and you can begin to take back control of your life!

Week 4, our last class, was all about vibration and frequency.  If you’ve been following these posts, then you know from Week 2 how the laws of attraction and reflection work.  Now to add to that, we also attract things into our lives based on their vibration and frequency.  Something has to be a vibrational match to us before it will show up in our lives.  What is the best indicator of the frequency that we are vibrating at?  Emotion.  Our emotion tells us where we are vibrating, and based on that emotion, we can predict what types of things will show up in our reality (our lives).  Emotions that are low in vibration would be fear, guilt, insecurity, revenge, etc.  Emotions that have a high vibration would be joy, passion, enthusiasm, happiness, optimism, etc.  So on any given day, you can use this knowledge as a tool to help you determine where your vibration is.  Simply take a step back and ask yourself, what emotion am I experiencing now?  If you look around your immediate environment and realize that you woke up late, someone just cut you off in traffic and you dropped your coffee in your lap you can then take a moment, do an emotion check and say, Oh!  I’m feeling jealous right now….that explains why my day is not going so great.  The best thing about this concept is that, just as you created this ‘not so nice’ experience in your day, you can just as easily, take a breath, re-focus and flip the proverbial switch.  As soon as you change your outlook and let that jealousy go, your day will start to get better.  Take a moment to reflect on this the next time you have a day in which things just aren’t going your way.

Emotion Chart


So now that we understand the role of vibration and frequency in our current reality, it would be nice to know what things out side of ourselves can lower or raise our vibration.  Well, lots of things can lower your vibration…toxic chemicals, news/media, complaining, negative belief systems….that’s just a few.  But there are also many easy things you can do to raise your vibration and start feeling those ‘good vibrations’ as the Beach Boys like to say.  Gratitude, direct sunlight, belly breathing (they teach this to our first responders to use in times of high anxiety and fear), epsom salt baths, faith, uplifting music, optimism, meditation, etc.  Vibration and frequency is the scientific explanation behind why we have good days and why we have bad days.  But if you need it explained in different terms…..”what you resist, persists”….”you reap what you sow”….”treat others the way you want to be treated”….need I go on?

Golden Rule

At the heart of these vibrations is our belief system.  Our belief system is the 90% of the iceberg that is submerged underwater.  Most of the time we can’t see them and we don’t even know that they are there!  We picked up most of these belief systems when we were children before our personalities were fully formed.  From birth to age 7, we are recording devices.  We wander around observing our family and friends, learning how to survive in this great big world.  The interesting thing about this is, these observations inherently become our belief systems.  Our belief systems inspire how we think and act, ultimately shaping our lives every day until we die and it’s done from a very unconscious place.  We were not mature enough in those first seven years of our live to discern someone else’s truth from our own.  So not only do we take in good things when forming our personalities….good work ethic, honesty, loyalty, etc….we also take in the bad things, things that stem from the fears that shaped our our family and friends as they interacted with the world.  This often shows up as perfectionism, cynicism, fear of judgement, etc.  While these ‘bad’ beliefs can sometimes serve a purpose in our lives, more often than not, they get in the way and covertly hold us back from experiencing the life we truly want to live.  The kicker here is that the only way you’re going to figure out what your belief systems are, good and bad, is to sit down and unpack the baggage of who you really are.

Unlearn beliefs quote

It takes time and a lot of effort to dig deep into your heart to find the source of what you believe.  Do you believe that “I am unworthy of love”?  Do you believe that “I am weak”?  Do you believe that you are not free?  Do you believe that you are separate from God?  Do you believe in God?  Do you believe that you are alone?  These are just a few of the common negative belief systems that can sabotage your happiness if you do not look at them and examine them.  Ask yourself why you believe these things.  Did you download it from your parents?  Did you come to this conclusion via life experience?  Beliefs are a powerful thing and I urge you….DO NOT be afraid to question your beliefs!  Questioning doesn’t make you or your beliefs bad…it will often re-affirm or renovate what has always been good and solid in your life.  But it isn’t until you tear down the walls of your belief systems, that you will find the moldy drywall, the bad plumbing job and the faulty electrical wiring that’s been hidden from view your entire life.  Those unsafe beliefs that are lurking just behind the drywall of your heart have the power to destroy your home if you refuse to look at it and upgrade it.  Doing this doesn’t mean you have to completely get rid of all your old beliefs, you can expand the old to make some parts of the old work better. You can add to the old to make some parts of your belief system new.  It doesn’t have to be a complete gut job….unless you absolutely feel it’s warranted.  But either way….don’t be content to let other’s spoon feed your beliefs to you.  You’ve unconsciously put them in the drivers seat of your life.  Take back your power, and create your world as you want it to be.  Stop playing the victim and be the change you wish to see in the world!



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