Coaching with Frank Lyford - Jessica Alstrom
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Coaching with Frank Lyford

Owner, Facilitating You

Jessica Alstrom A-Team Member

TICA Graduate Quantum Light Coach

Intuitive Holistic Co-creative Healer

Author, Editor, and Poet


Who is Frank?

Frank Lyford is a Quantum Light Coach, an intuitive holistic healer, and the owner of the Facilitating You coaching practice. He is a graduate of the Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA) and a writer and editor. He left a career of thirty years in information technology to write and coach full-time.


Frank is a student of the intuitive and experiential world, and of unlocking our innate intuitive guidance system for navigating our unique, sovereign path through life. He has explored alternative communal living; world religions (mainstream and fringe); shamans, healers, and metaphysics; ancient and hidden Earth history; and suppressed military, alien, and other exotic tech. In unraveling his own inner mysteries, becoming his own master teacher in the process, he has discovered his gift for helping others do the same.


Next Level of Mission

In 2016, Frank met Jessica Alstrom through her online videos and podcasts. On their first virtual meeting, he was immediately impressed by Jessica’s insight and clarity as a channel of practical wisdom and self-awareness tools. Jessica’s impact on Frank’s life has only deepened since then. As a result of that and subsequent meetings, Frank moved from New Brunswick, Canada, to the Kansas City area, to engage more directly as a student in Jessica’s TICA program. During the lead-up to his move, Jessica asked if he would work with her on a book. Their joint effort produced Jessica’s book Me, Myself and I—Becoming the Highest Version of You, the closest thing Frank has found to his Planet Earth life manual.


Through Frank’s own growth process, with Jessica’s help, he has realized the manual he sought had been available all along as his own inner guidance system. His mission now is to assist his clients to activate and reconnect with their own inner guidance systems as their best guide to their divine purpose in the world.


A Note from Frank:

My goal as your life coach is to provide you with tools and understandings of deeper self-insight. Our work together will focus on leading you back to the person you know at your core you are here to be.


This will be the deepest inner work you have ever done. We will dive deep into the Law of Reflection as groundwork to understand the Law of Attraction. By your consent, as we work together, you will clearly see how your reality is a direct reflection of your inner state of being—whether in suffering or thriving. As a result you will understand how to take control of your life by taking full responsibility (your ability to respond) for all aspects of it. You will leave behind victimhood for victory, and reflexive behavior for conscious command of your life.


As you are ready, we will clear past traumas that have haunted you and kept you playing small. You will find clarity and courage within you that you never imagined you had. Our intent will be to help you reawaken your intuitive inner guidance system. Our focus will be to help you re-find the natural self-trust and confidence you have sought. Our goal will be to realign you to the bold life you were born to live, clearing the way for you to be, do, and have the life you prefer. In our journey together, we will lead you back… to you.


To schedule with Frank…

Select a coaching option below.

• First Coaching Session: A one-hour, complimentary session: Free

• Subsequent Coaching Session: one-hour session

• Laser-coaching Session: half-hour session focused on one specific issue

• Batch of Four (4) one-hour sessions, scheduled in advance

• Manifestation Course: seven (7) one-hour one-on-one sessions, scheduled in advance, focused on your specific desired life manifestation

• Note to current and lifetime TICA members: your monthly one-hour sessions with an A-Team member are included in your TICA tuition.

All non-TICA sessions are paid in advance.


Sessions can be done online using Facebook Messenger Video Chat, Zoom, or Skype. Sessions by phone or WhatsApp are also available. All funds are USD.


To schedule your appointment or complementary one-hour session, click the link below:

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What Frank’s clients are saying…

I had an amazing coaching session with Frank Lyford this morning! He really helped bring some clarity to my safety and trust issues, and helped me shift my perspective to see how I am already giving myself so many gifts and opportunities to receive. All I need to do is Be Me and Be Present! My New Reality is already built, my only job: show up and receive it! I highly recommend working with Frank if you need a guide in the Abundance game or the 7 steps of Manifestation. ~E.A.


I had the privilege of one of Frank’s laser-coaching sessions and boy-oh-boy, did he laser right into my heart and make me truly, truly present to the importance of self-acknowledgement. I loved, loved, loved our time together and I can’t WAIT to talk to him again!!!! ~E.S.V.


Enjoyed my coaching session with Frank Lyford! Fear has been creeping in big time, keeping me stuck and unmotivated. He pointed out some blind spots and put some things into perspective for me, also gave me a simple solution for refocusing when I’m in fear and doubt. I’m making my list of things I can do now to move towards my goal. Thank you! ~J.Y.


Just had a lovely coaching session with Frank Lyford. I felt Frank created a very open and non-judgmental atmosphere, felt very comfortable and left much calmer than when I came in to the session. Took back a lot but most helpful were some great simple exercises that could get me started with what I approached him for. Thank you so much Frank. ~J.B.


Frank, you are an amazing coach! You really did make my day. Thank you so much for helping me! You made me feel comfortable speaking my truth. Awesome and thank you. I know what to work on now and you reminded me of my awesomeness! ~K.W.


Frank, I want you to know that you played a ginormous role in provoking me to penetrate my consciousness beyond conceptual understanding. Deep bow x  ~M.A.