About Maria Di Michele - Jessica Alstrom
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About Maria Di Michele

Certified Life Coach,

Master NLP Practitioner,

Quantum Light Coach,

Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader


Who is Maria?

My absolute passion is seeing someone FEELING that FEELING OF SELF LOVE. Their body relaxes, they smile and shine! I love to see people discover things about themselves that allow them to love themselves even more. OK, so they may have to do some rooting around in the darkness in their shadows before they find the gift, but they don’t have to be alone in the process. I am always honoured to share these experiences with people.


I’m pretty much like everyone else, had my fair share of darkness, from childhood onwards—deaths, divorces, addictions, violence, which had created a real abusive relationship with myself. So I went on many journeys trying to figure it all out, especially my behaviours and beliefs which I now know were my form of COMMUNICATION to express the wounded parts of myself. So I spent many years reaching out for help to accept, understand, forgive, etc., and I was most grateful to each and every Shaman, Practitioner, Healer, Coach, Teacher, who appeared at the right time to be by my side, in my development of awareness. This led me to explore and take courses in Reiki, tarot, the Enneagram, breathwork, crystals, meditation, etc.


Most of my roles in life have always been in service or caring, like hospitality, working with nursery children, caring for the elderly, working with adults with mental and physical disabilities, caring for addicts, and being an empath. In those roles, I hadn’t realised how constantly drained I was.


Maria’s Vision and Purpose

So one day at my lowest point an opportunity came my way to become a Coach and NLP Master Practitioner and I loved every minute of it. I didn’t have to read or write, simply care, listen, read people and ask questions, using my intuition, which was what I’ve always done in my life.


I realised that I could be that someone that is of service to another on their journey of self love and awareness, just as all those healers had done for me. This would be my highest joy!


My vision is to see all hearts connected, and my personal journey is to continually work on connecting to my heart so that I can connect with other hearts.


We are all different in our unique gifts and together we become one.


Certified Life Coach
Master NLP Practitioner
Quantum LIGHT Coach
REIKI Practitioner
TAROT Reader


Trained and mentored by Jessica Alstrom


I charge £300 for a mentorship package of six sessions, £60 for a one-off session, and £50 for a tarot reading. Payment is via PayPal.


For More Information


For more about my services, please visit:


Responses to Working with Maria

Maria is an exceptional Coach who greets each session with a high-vibe and an open heart. Her knowledge and intuition shines light on exactly what I’m needing, allowing me to come away from our sessions with clarity and empowerment. Thankyou Maria for all that you do!

~ Dawn, Virginia, USA

Maria is amazing. She comes from a complete heart space of love and care. Her incredibly deep level of compassion helped me feel held and heard and loved. Maria helped me look at childhood issues from a completely different perspective and find healing where I had previously felt shame. Thank you Maria you are amazing.

~ Jennifer, Queensland, Australia

Maria and I have been working together for 3 months now and she is a delightful life coach.  She has a nurturing spirit which I gravitated towards immediately.  I was hesitant to open up to a “stranger” before our session, however Maria exudes such a sense of gnuine care and offers advice which speaks directly to my spirit, its as if I’ve always known her.  Most recently, i suffered in silence emotionally due to resurfacing childhood traumas.  Maria was able to connect with me in the moment and hold healing space for me.  I am uplifted by our conversations after our sessions.  So much so that i am able to action what has come out of our sessions which has made a significant difference in the way I see the world around me and most importantly, how i see myself, which is a loving, expansive and abundant spirit.  For this, i am forever grateful.

~ Priscilla, California, USA

Thank you Maria, you have helped me to turn my life around. Always made to feel comfortable at every session. You were always professional and always considered my feelings. Amazing how simple activities you did with me have made such an impact on my life. You have taught me so much and put me on track to a more positive future. Would definately reccomend you to others who are struggling the same as i was. So many people have seen such a positive change in me since our sessions with you.

~ Johdi, Gloucestershire, UK

Working with Maria has been exceptionally constructive and life changing. Maria has the ability to questions in such a way as to expose answers to questions and resolution of issues, which i have been looking for most of my adult life. Alongside this, her natural ability to support and guide you through each session, with empathy and at the speed which is comffortable, is perfect. In fact, at times i have had revelations that have been amazing. Thankyou, Maria, for enabling me to push past challenges and issues and for encourageing me everystep of the way.

~ Fabienne, Bristol, UK