About Phoenix Jordan - Jessica Alstrom
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About Phoenix Jordan


TICA Certified Life Coach – Energy Healing – Card Reading

Time Travel – Trauma Transmutation – Illusion Busting

Sound Healing – Intuitive Empath

Musician – Filmmaker


Who is Phoenix?

Hello fellow adventurers! I’m Phoenix and like many of you, I’ve created a very diverse colorful life for myself. It’s an honor to be on this amazing ascension journey with you magnificent co-creators.


After an awakening in 2003, I became more conscious of the intimate mirror of “reality” and the fact that who I thought I was, was mostly not my truth. I began experimenting passionately as a child again with extreme curiosity. In this intimate presence with the “felt” now, I could get to myself from bigger perspectives and higher dimensional aspects and transform my life continually.


I have degrees in filmmaking and Sustainable Living with an emphasis on Eco-psychology and Deep Ecology. I’ve taught and or worked in the performing arts since I was five including performing for Disney, Universal Studios, T.V., Stage, and Film. I worked in TV News Production and freelance video production, and deeply enjoyed songwriting and performing with my bands. I have also worked in elderly and special needs care and taught children through adult performing arts for decades.


My Unique Perspective

I’ve had this deep passion all my life to constantly create and we have certainly given ourselves powerful potentials to co-create here in these times. My most challenging and rewarding course of study came when I was hit on my bicycle by a car and was gifted a traumatic brain injury (TBI), back, hip, neck, etc., injuries. Out of that, I have been healing, reinventing, understanding, and unwrapping my new state of consciousness and its inherent gifts. My friends on the TICA A-Team have reminded me of my unique perspective and that I should be sure to mention that having a TBI is actually a superpower.


Thank you for every bit of love and empowerment you give yourself and our world and all the response-ability you take in creating this dream that holds space for the world of our dreams.


My Toolbox

These are some of the coaching tools in my toolbox, although, as with all of us, our unique path through life and our experiences are truly our credentials.


Energy Healing

Card Reading

Time Travel

Trauma Transmutation

Illusion Busting

Sound Healing

Intuitive Empath



TICA Certified Life Coach




Energy exchange by donation.


Note to current and lifetime TICA members: your monthly one-hour sessions with an A-Team member are included in your TICA tuition.


Sessions can be done online using Facebook Messenger Video Chat, Zoom, or Skype. Sessions by phone or WhatsApp are also available. All funds are USD.


To schedule your appointment, contact Phoenix at: phoenixljordan@gmail.com