About Rebecca Louise Bulku - Jessica Alstrom
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About Rebecca Louise Bulku

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher • Quantum Healer and Life Coach

Medical Intuitive • Past Life Regression Therapist

Tarot Card Reader • Owner of The Alignment Room

Crystal Child

Rebecca was born a Crystal Child and always knew there was something different about her as she seemed more aware than most of her peers; being empathetic to others, seeking peace and loving with a fully open, pure heart. She started developing her spiritual connection around 2006, learning Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master in 2017. She is a Quantum Life Coach, having been personally mentored by Jessica Alstrom and becoming an A-Team member.

Rebecca has always had a big interest in Astrology, Crystals, Essential Oils, Angel cards, Numerology and Feng Shui, understanding that everything resonated at different frequencies, which would change the way people would act or feel. Rebecca has perfected her healing techniques, using many modalities, including Light Language, Reiki, Quantum healing, life coaching, and Past Life Regressions… speaking to the soul.

Challenges and Awakening

In 2006, Rebecca learnt about ‘The Secret’ and Law of Attraction and then progressed to find Doreen Virtue, Abraham Hicks, Gabrielle Bernstein, Kari Samuels, amongst others. Rebecca regularly attends an Intuitive Group hosted by Belinda Hehir and received information regarding the paranormal and her spirit guides from Michael Holloway and family, at the Guiding Light Sanctuary Circle.

Rebecca’s personal life has been full of learning and overcoming challenges, losing her Mother from a brain tumour at the age of six, and her Father from bowel cancer at the age of 22. This pushed Rebecca into searching for the meaning of life, to move beyond feelings of hopelessness and suffering (her own and others). She desired to help others move out of patterns of suffering, patterns she had experienced as a child and young adult.

Rebecca’s Aunty showed her a healing technique called Jourei in 2006, a technique practiced in families in Japan. This started Rebecca on her healing journey. She found she could feel a different type of vibration depending on the issue or illness the individual had and she felt an intuitive knowing of what was out of alignment, knowing exactly what to say to help heal the situation.

After suffering with anxiety and depression in 2016, Rebecca went through a divorce. This taught her strength, self-love, and self-confidence, which she had lost in her life by putting everyone else’s needs and happiness before her own. She learnt that you can only give the extra energy that you have; otherwise you will burn out. A balance of giving and receiving is key, and the foundation of living in flow and alignment.

Discovering Quantum Living

In 2017, Rebecca discovered Jessica Alstrom through her Second Sunday live-casts on Facebook. She soon joined Jessica’s TICA Academy. Later she trained in Jessica’s intensive mentorship program, also attending Jessica’s Quantum Revolution Tour event in Miami. Rebecca felt Jessica’s training was her final puzzle piece, allowing her to combine sound, words, and feelings together with Reiki and her other healing practices. Rebecca credits working with Jessica for opening her up to a Quantum way of living, not only improving her own life, but guiding her to her true profession and living her life’s purpose! She now combines physical and emotional healing, in the Quantum field of endless possibilities, in alignment with her knowing that we choose our own reality, experiences, and path through life.

Rebecca is here to be of service, to help others achieve their dreams… with a little bit of fairy dust added to her magic!

A note from Rebecca…

If you have found me, then our paths were meant to cross. I would love to assist you in any way I can, whether that is helping you to personally establish your gifts, clear your past life energy, or pave your way for a greater future. I am a Medical Intuitive and Personal Life Coach, providing you with divine guidance and supporting you to become the best, most authentic version of YOU—the person you were born to be!!

Life is a story… it’s up to you what happens next!

Lots of love,



To book an appointment with Rebecca…

Initial Consultation: Your first 45 minutes are free!!

Focus Guide for your Session:

  1. Receive Healing modalities – Reiki, Quantum, Light Language
  2. Healing the Past – Life Coaching/Past Life Regression
  3. Creating the Future – Manifestation (Money, Love, Health, Time), Progression mapping, Teaching (enhancing your gifts)
  4. Angel Card Readings

Thereafter, please select from the following options:

  • 30 Minute Session
  • One Hour Session
  • Three Hour Session
  • 5 x 1 Hour Sessions

Angel Card Guidance to answer a specific question – via email/FB Messenger

*If you are a current and lifetime TICA member: your monthly one-hour sessions with an A-Team member are included in your TICA tuition.

All non-TICA sessions are paid in advance.

Sessions are conducted using Facebook Messenger Video Chat, Zoom, or Skype. Sessions by phone or WhatsApp are also available. All funds are in GBP.

Payment can be made to: https://www.paypal.me/rebeccabulku/

Rebecca is also open to receive all modes of payment, through apps, etc. – just ask!

To schedule your appointment with Rebecca, please contact her on Angel444@angelic.com or on her Facebook page ‘The Alignment Room’ or personal message ‘Rebecca Louise Bulku’ on Facebook.