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In Her Own Words


Jessica describes who she is, her passion and how she’s turned it into her life’s business.

Her passion to help her clients complete the metamorphosis from victim to student to empowered

Quantum Light Coach is unprecedented.  Her students use her teachings and tools to transform their

lives, endeavoring to live the grandest version of their lives that they’ve only ever dreamt of before.

It is her mission to share the messages she is given with the world, helping to elevate the

consciousness of the planet one Light Worker at a time.  Why are you on the planet today?

Could your purpose be bigger than you know?  Could YOU be a Light Worker?


Welcome to my crazy train I call life! For those of you are just getting familiar with my work you’re probably opening up to your own truths at this time. You have big questions about yourself and you are hungry for TRUTH or you have been seeking endlessly for that missing piece to bring it all together! First I want to say congratulations on your relentless pursuit! It’s not easy to go against the norm and ask the bigger questions, it takes courage to go on a quest within! Trust me I have been there.

I had a kundalini awakening in 2009 that left me almost emotionally dead. It was very confusing, scary and overwhelming! My instincts told me to live a double life until I could figure out what was happening. In hindsight; I now see that all that really happened was I gained full sight of the universe without the veil of separation. Basically my filters of the limitations of third dimension were blown and I could literally see past -present- future and as people talked I could hear, feel and see three different voices streaming from their consciousness. What I have lovingly named the ME- My EGO, MYSELF-my body and the IAM aka the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious or as the yogis like to refer to as the mind body soul. That’s right, not only did I become telepathic I could hear all aspects of one’s own viewpoint which was broken into three very different frequencies. Usually running the story line of – I am love, I am afraid to lose love, I have lost love. That’s three contradicting perspectives coming out of one person. But as I learned to see Law of attraction as a feedback mirror or reflection it made perfect sense to me why people including myself were manifesting a bitter sweet symphony of mismatched intentions, some based in love and some based in fear.

Being able to see , hear and know I wanted to help others, act as a mirror, reflect the truth back to them anyway I could honoring their level of consciousness. So in 2014 Myself and my right hand Susie Dressel opened Transcendence Wellness Center.  We began working to bridge the gap between 3d and 5d. Over the years we have gone global and now are able to reach a large audience using live stream communication and virtual classrooms.

My mission is to help mankind self-realize by raising one’s own personal vibration and consciousness.  To become the deliberate creator of one’s own reality and to manifest unlimited potential for both physical and spiritual abundant wealth and happiness, by healing the separation within the Universe. Become abundant in your truth and it reflects back to you your deepest desires and gifts.

I believe in you. Because I am you. Let me show you the way home.

With love and grace

Jessica Alstrom