7 Realizations in My Becoming - Jessica Alstrom
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7 Realizations in My Becoming

  1.  I am safe to express my sexuality as part of my authentic and transparent self.  My sexuality is an expression of both art, intimacy and power.  Intimacy=Into me I see
  1.  I  am allowed to show my strength and intelligence around men.  My innate empathetic ability to read energy & people allows me to fully direct my future and my life.  I am learning that a man is not my plan, that I am here to be the soul mate that I seek and to take back my power as the oppressive collective battle of the sexes paradigm disappears.
  1.  I deserve to be free to love without obligation and commitment.  I am allowed to fall in love over and over again without having the obligation and responsibility for anyone else’s journey.  I am free to explore and fine tune my love frequency.
  1.  I learned how to say no without an explanation.  Saying no is an act of self love.  Saying yes when I mean no is an act of self abuse.
  1.  I have discerned the difference between a wound mate mate and a soul mate.  I understand that the wounds of my past broken hearts, my unrequited love and my need to be seen and heard have propelled me into the arms of my own intimate wounds which are disguised as attraction and love.
  1.  I am not here to settle.  Settling comes from an unconscious belief that I am not deserving and that I am unworthy of my heart’s truest desires.
  1.  I am here to love myself back to life.  I have spent my entire life loving others with the hope that the favor would be returned.



  • Patrick
    Posted at 00:29h, 13 November Reply

    Amazing!!–simply amazing! My friend, I discovered you this 2nd Sunday via one of my FB group shares. The message you delivered….so on point—soooo much clarity….sooo much gratitude. Thank you!

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