Manifestation & the Road to Writing-Part 3 - Jessica Alstrom
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Manifestation & the Road to Writing-Part 3

Last week I shared with you what happened when I walked through Transcendence Wellness Center’s door for the very first time.  This week, I will share with you what I learned during my first week of class…


The first week of my 4 week Manifestation class was all about recognizing the power of our thoughts and accepting personal accountability.  If you’re unsure what the phrase “personal accountability” actually means, it is basically the act of holding yourself responsible for something.  In the case of this class, we were to hold ourselves responsible for everything in our lives.  Everything.  Eve. Ry.  Thing.  That’s a tall order.

power of thoughts

When it comes to understanding the power of our thoughts, most of us have a very hazy understanding of how the thoughts in our heads have a tangible relationship with the everyday goings-on in our lives.  The best example I can give you to help you understand exactly how powerful your thoughts are is to start talking to you about lice and how my roommate has it and now I think I might have it too because my head has been really itchy lately and you better double check yourself because we’ve been hanging out a lot lately!  Now, after having read that, I bet most of you, if you’re honest, starting itching or scratching.  Right?!  lol  What’s interesting about this is that you just had a physiological response to a thought.  An imagined thought, no less.  A THOUGHT!  Re-read the last few sentences again.  That’s some powerful stuff, people!  Now take that concept and apply it to EVERY thought you have ever had. Uh-huh.  It’s big.  Really big! It changes the game.  Completely!

So once we recognize that our thoughts, whether real or imagined, have a big impact on us, our bodies and our reality, the next logical conclusion is that we’ve created our reality via our thoughts.  And that includes everything in and about our lives.  All the good.  All the bad.  Now I want you to take a moment for that to sink in.  Yeah….kinda uncomfortable, right?  Some of you may have even just shut down and decided to stop reading this blog because its that confrontational of a concept.

personal accountability

Holding ourselves accountable for the entirety of our lives is not an easy thing to do.  I still struggle with it and probably will continue to do so until I take my last breath.  But!  BUT!  The best thing about accepting responsibility for everything in our lives as being the way they are because we made very specific decisions via our own thought processes, which triggered specific outcomes, which we now call our ‘baggage’ (both good and bad), is that if we created it, then we can change it!  Hello!  All of a sudden we’re pulled out of victim-hood and put back in the drivers seat of our own lives.  I know that I, for one, wanna be in charge of my life.  Trust me, I’ve often felt helpless in my own life for absolutely no reason and it felt horrible.  I had headaches, my stomach was in knots and I couldn’t sleep.  I mean, really, who wants that?!  Not me!

Our assignment when we left class that week was to pay attention to our lives and accept responsibility for it all.  Notice the bad things, we created that.  But notice the good things as well because we created that too!


Join me next week when I share what I learned in the second week of my 4 week Manifestation class at Transcendence Wellness Center.


*If you’re interested in taking the Transcendence Manifestation Class, the information I share in this blog has been rolled up into the Quantum Light Coaching course.  Contact Transcendence Wellness Center at 913.387.4631 or for more information.

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