Manifestation & the Road to Writing – Part 5 - Jessica Alstrom
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Manifestation & the Road to Writing – Part 5

In my last post I went over what we covered in Week 2 of my manifestation class in which we explored the laws of attraction and reflection.  This post I’m going to cover what I learned in Week 3 of the Manifestation class…

So this week’s class was all about the connection between our bodies and our minds.  I’m pretty sure most of you already have a foundation for this information, though to be totally honest, it was brand new to me.  Not because I’m not playing with a full deck, but because my college degree in English Literature never required me to take an Anatomy and Physiology course.  Consequently, I was a sponge just soaking it all in.  My funny little right brain found it absolutely fascinating!!  I know I’m a bit behind the curve on this one but hey, better late than never, right?

Mind Body Spirit

Anyway, we did a quick over view in psychology, covering the correlations between Me, Myself & I, and Mind, Body, Spirit, and Conscious, Subconscious & the Unconscious.  It’s fairly simplistic information and if you need more clarification, a quick google search on each phrase should suffice.  Then it was on to hormones and their effects on our body.  We covered Adrenaline, Cortisol, Dopamine, DHEA, Oxytocin and several others as they relate to our thoughts and feelings.  The interesting thing about hormones is that they are released into our body based on our thoughts.  Remember back in Part 3 when I talked about lice and how the mere thought of them triggered a biological response from most of us regardless of whether the threat of lice was real or imagined?  This is what we’re referring to when we say that our thoughts trigger our hormone releases.  That’s great back in caveman days when you’re being chased by a tiger and you can get up and run away from the danger, but in this day and age, we can’t always run from the thing that scares us.  We have to stay in the car when the flashing lights pull us over, we have to sit there and be quiet when the boss is being a jerk, we have to keep our mouths shut when our parents have hurt or upset us.  Societal expectations keep us from releasing negative emotion, thus causing our hormones to recycle throughout our body over and over again with no release.  No wonder so many people are suffering from health issues caused by hormone imbalance!


We then went on to talk about all the different types of brain waves and what is occurring inside the body when each of these patterns occur.  We’re usually in an alpha brain wave when we’re performing unconscious interactions like driving a car, brushing our teeth, etc.  Things we do not have to think about, we just do them automatically.  We experience Beta brainwaves during instances of heightened attention, when we sense danger or have a fight-or-flight response.  Delta brainwaves are our slowest brainwaves and we experience them during deep and dreamless sleep.  This is usually when our body experiences detoxification, healing and regeneration.  I won’t go over all the different types of brain waves that we experience as you will certainly cover that in more detail in class.

Brain Waves

Interestingly, we can alter our brain wave patterns through meditation.  There are even meditation  videos on YouTube with binaural beats that have different frequencies imbedded into the ambient music to help assist in altering your brain wave pattern quickly to achieve individually desired results.  You should check them out sometime…there are videos for studying and videos to help you focus and videos to help you relax, videos to help calm anxiety or anger, to help elevate your spirits when you’re down.  It’s really quite amazing science and its all done without the aid of a pill.  Who knew!!  The information in this week’s class just blew my mind.  For those of you that took anatomy and physiology classes in school, I’m sure I must look like I’m a bit slow on the uptake, but hey, humor me people!  I was a lit major!  lol  Seriously though, if you’ve read my other posts on the Manifestation class, then I’m sure the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together.  We can now see how we actually have a lot more control over our lives and our health than we’ve been raised to believe.  Yet again, we are being shown that we had much more control over our lives than most of us were raised to believe.  It brings new meaning to the term ‘free will’ doesn’t it?  Wrap your brain around that one!

Stay tuned next week for when I cover what I learned in Week 4 of my Manifestation class at Transcendence Wellness Center…

*If you’re interested in taking the Transcendence Manifestation Class, the information I share in this blog has been rolled up into the Quantum Light Coaching course.  Contact Transcendence Wellness Center at 913.387.4631 or for more information.

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