How to Create Abundance Through Orgasm - Jessica Alstrom
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How to Create Abundance Through Orgasm

How to Create Abundance Through Orgasm

That’s right…let’s get naughty!!


December 7, 2017 by Jessica Alstrom

No, actually, let’s get nerdy! Ha ha! I like to teach Quantum Biology and Biochemistry from a fourth grade level and understanding.  We’re bridging the gap between science and spirituality and I believe that if people understood their biochemistry better and how their thoughts and feelings created their reality, they would invest more into their own unlimited potential.  So here we go, let’s get to the facts!

The Body’s Energy Centers

Your body is made up of different energy centers.  To keep things really simple, let’s stick with the 7 energy centers that most of us are already familiar with; the seven chakras.

The understanding that our bodies are electromagnetic centers with each chakra having a different purpose in facilitating creation, understanding and evolution. The Sacral chakra, seen here in orange, identifies the frequency of creation and happens to be located in our sexual center.  Chakras are what we call energy vortexes.  We can understand vortexes more simply if we look at them as a satellite, giving and receiving information and using our cell memory and our DNA like antennas.  Each chakra has its own energy satellite system that is in perfect coherence with the universe. The body’s electromagnetic energy is exactly that, a magnet.  That makes you a living magnet! The ancients knew this and the research confirms that the Ancient Egyptians used sacred sexuality to create wealth and immortality.  They did this using intentional orgasmic affirmations. COOL, huh? Hell yeah it is!!!

Lets geek out one step further, shall we??

If we really get deep into Quantum Biology, we understand that creation itself is manifested through a spontaneous union of the feminine and masculine energies. This is how the universe itself was created. And as such, the phrase rings true:  As above, so below.  The human manifestation of the universe creating God within itself is the orgasm while the resulting child represents all of creation. Every aspect of the universe works with this perfect duality to create. The ying needs the yang to become a unified whole.  So with the understanding that an orgasm is what creates life, why not utilize our own orgasms as a cheat code to fast track that cash flow, new house or perfect relationship?

Believe it or not, you are creating this union of metaphorical orgasm every time you create anything.  In the physical world, the divine feminine is understood as the FEELING nurturing energy.  It is the womb of creation, the ideas, the dreams, the desires and, most importantly, the INTENTION.



The masculine is the DOING energy.  It is the building of the dream itself, the actualization of an idea.  So now you see that when you create anything, you are using both your divine feminine and divine masculine energies to create form.  This process is what the new agers call manifestation.

An idea remains in the womb of your mind until it is acted out.  You are using both sides of your own duality to manifest every day, all day long but it feels less magical than it actually is because we have been taught to move away from our intuitive magic and knowing.  We have been shamed and guilted by our own sexual energy and (yes, I am a conspiracy theorist) it’s the shame and humiliation our society has allowed to be created around sexual intercourse that has allowed us to forget this effortless and beautiful way of using our imagination to create form/reality.

In my online university, I teach this exact process of creation and how utilizing our sexual energy is the fastest way to manifest anything and everything! I teach a specific set of 7 steps to take in order to manifest anything you want.  It is the perfection of divine feminine and divine masculine frequencies married with intention and deliberate action.

In this fast teaching, we are using the power of intention (the divine feminine) combined with the physical act of sex or masturbation (That’s right ya’ll!!! Quality YOU TIME!! LOL) to act as the action behind the intention.

So what’s the magic formula, you ask?   It’s as easy as ecstasy… (wink, wink)

You will need a powerful desire first! (Keep this clean, folks)  This means you have to hold your vision of the desired manifestation and then set a firm intention that will tell the universe that YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO DESERVES AND CAN RECEIVE that which you desire. For example, use the “I Am Wealth” intention or any other desired state of being you are currently experiencing. Then, as you begin to stimulate yourself, stay in the FEELING of having, not the feeling of WANTING.  You MUST STAY in the HAVING feeling until you reach climax.


  • Determine your desire
  • Set an intention
  • Begin stimulation
  • Hold the feeling of having what you desire until you reach climax.

This will be tricky if you have body shame or sexual shadows hiding someplace within your vibration.  If you experience these things, don’t worry about it.  Just join my online academy and clear that crap out! Those things do not serve you any longer and it’s time to let them go!


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