A Letter From Jessica - Jessica Alstrom
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A Letter From Jessica

Hi there!


For those of you that are hearing my name for the first time, my name is Jessica Alstrom and I’m an author, life coach, intuitive healer, international spiritual teacher and co-founder of Transcendence Wellness Center and creator of Transcendence International Consciousness Academy.  I have been a life coach for over 7 years and now that I’m getting ready to retire from coaching, I have started training people from all over the world to step into the role of spiritual teacher and become certified by me.  We have a blast using the field of quantum possibilities to heal every aspect of life.  And let’s face it, we’re all dealing with the same stuff: time, money, relationships and health.


This website is a place that affords me the ability to interact with and share my experiences with you.  And believe me, I have lots of them to share!  Besides my fancy credentials listed above, when the students have all gone home and the lights, cameras and microphones have all been turned off, I’m just me.  And you will see ‘me’ on the pages of this website.  You will see a single mother of four beautiful children, a woman that has pulled herself out of the depths of abuse and depression and gone on to smile again, a woman that loves fiercely and without apology, a woman that loves to dance and always enjoys a good bottle of wine 😉 a woman that embraces her own beauty by acknowledging it in the world around her and a woman that has a deep appreciation for life’s goofy and inappropriate moments.  Ask my girlfriends, they have a bazillion funny stories they could tell you!  LOL  All kidding aside, I have transformed what was once a life of lack into a life that I’ve always dreamed of!  And I’m so excited to wake up every morning in anticipation of what the day holds for me!    


Here on my site you will find spaces that provide inspiration and education on areas like Family, Soul, Beauty & Style, Goddess Energy, Relationships, and Mindfulness.  These are areas of our lives that we often see as separate and unrelated to each other.  However, I would highly encourage you to look deeper into these areas to explore their interconnectedness and to discover how you can use that connectivity to create a wonderful world of happiness and abundance for yourself just as I have done.


This website is a place where I can express myself, share my journey and provide inspiration for you.  This is me.  And I’m sharing myself with you.  There’s beauty in transparency and there’s beauty in you too.  Let your freak flag fly baby!


All my love, all the time,