About Jessica - Jessica Alstrom
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About Jessica


Jessica Alstrom is known as the Alchemist. She teaches and mentors all over the world as a quantum life coach, medical intuitive, spiritual translator, and quantum sound healer. Her teachings are used worldwide to help heal trauma and PTSD, and to awaken unlimited human potential.


Winner of the 2016 Soulful Award for World Service, Jessica is the creator of Transcendence Wellness Centers and founder and CEO of Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA), an international online intensive coaching academy. She is the creator and host of the global online coaching forum Quantum Life, in which she leads virtual classrooms several times a week to her global audience. She is the author of her quantum manifestation book Me Myself and I, the how-to on uncovering and releasing subconscious belief systems in order to manifest unlimited individual potential.


Jessica is bridging spiritual development with science and ancient medicine, to create a complete self-realization platform for students all over the world. Through the use of both her traditional education and her extrasensory skills, Jessica’s fundamental work is educating wellness through awareness. With extensive knowledge and expertise in areas such as biochemistry and quantum physics, early childhood development, energetic communications, as well as physiology, epigenetics, and the healing arts, she has built a platform to integrate her abilities into a modern day practice.  With her extrasensory abilities, Jessica is able to view the quantum field, individual timelines, thought forms, emotional blocks, and belief systems. This allows her to work as a medical intuitive, quantum healer and quantum hypnotherapist, remote viewer, emotional translator, and sound healer. Her combined skill sets and abilities enable her to assist the world in its transformation via her online international teaching platforms, TICA and Quantum Life.


Jessica is also CEO and creator of the Quantum Revolution Tour with currently six venues planned internationally. In 2018, she kicked off the Tour’s inaugural event in Miami, Florida. Each event is a global activation using a spectrum of immersive technologies, including sound healing, scalar energy technologies, and ancient healing techniques. These immersive technologies and modalities are designed to accelerate consciousness, activate DNA, and heal the emotional and physical bodies. These are known technologies used to access and amplify human potential, capable of healing both mental and physical illness, realizing so-called superhuman abilities, and expanding brain usage and psychic abilities.


Jessica is a true renaissance woman. She is the creator of several time-travel processes to clear past timelines of trauma and pain, and to utilize parallel timelines for realizing and expanding individual potential. She recently added songwriter and recording artist to her résumé, releasing her album Quantum Revolution Miami Soundtrack 2018, with her songs Light body, Quantum Lullaby, and I AM HIGHER SELF, available on ITunes and Amazon Music.