TICA Act On Your Intention Workshop - Jessica Alstrom
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Act on Your Intention Workshop 


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Intention is the driving force of creation and is essential in any manifestation.  The character that you are playing determines what the Law of Attraction will bring into your life.  Your thoughts are the script, your feelings are the rehearsal and your behavior takes center stage.  All three aspects come together at center stage to show the world exactly who and what you are.  A failure to achieve your desired state of being is a failure in your manifestation abilities.  We will dive deep and focus on the person you wish to be.  We will help you describe, embody and become the you that you’ve always pictured yourself to be.  You will finally let go of the old you, the parts that are no longer serving you, and fully embrace your new character!

What you Can Expect:

  • There are no pre-requistes or qualifications needed to purchase this class.
  • All of the content for the class is housed online.
  • There is no time limit set upon the class.  You will be able to work through the included material at your own pace.
  • Once you click the Buy Now button and complete payment information, you will be prompted to create your own user ID and password that will give you immediate access to Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA).
  • You can contact us anytime for assistance via email at [email protected]

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