Jessica's Quantum Life Facebook Groups - Jessica Alstrom
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Hi there!


After years of being a one-on-one quantum life coach and group spiritual teacher, I’ve recently been experiencing the desire within me to reach out and communicate with more people from around the globe and to make my teachings available at a more accessible price.  I’ve created three Facebook Groups for you to access, depending on whatever stage in your spiritual journey you may now find yourself in.


  • Jessica Alstrom Quantum Life Community – This is a free Facebook group page in which I share introductory teachings and information regarding the spiritual journey.  Anyone can join.  Simply click on the link to the left and then one more click on the “Request to Join” button.
  • Jessica Alstrom Quantum Life TICA – This is a group that you can join for a small $22/month fee.  Members will have access to Live Q&A sessions with me, Live energy forecasts, as well as additional learning content shared by members of my A-Team.  But the best part of this membership is that you will have access to my Live Thursday night Quantum Light Coaching Class.  This class is full of very in-depth and advanced teachings on how to maneuver the spiritual journey and how to aid others in doing so as well.  It is a $1500 one-year program that provides the student with my Quantum Light Coach Certification.  Joining this Facebook page is a great option for anyone that isn’t quite ready to take the leap into a one year commitment to becoming a Quantum Light Coach.
  • Jessica Alstrom Quantum Life Tribe – This is a free group for members of both my Quantum Life Community Facebook group and my Quantum Life TICA Facebook group to interact with each other.  Members can share stories, photos and information that they’ve found while pursuing their spiritual journeys.  The purpose of this group is to provide a support network for those that resonate with my teachings so that they can connect with and support other like-minded individuals.


I can’t wait to see you all there!  I’m so excited to make use of this wonderful technology that we have at our fingertips and help bridge the gap between you and who you were always meant to be! We will chat regularly and play our way towards manifesting your desires.  You will begin living your own perfect Quantum Life!