TICA Quantum Time Travel - Jessica Alstrom
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Quantum Time Travel

Practitioner Certification


Time travel is the process of integrating past trauma/drama from your past life and childhood to re-calibrate the holistic being and have expansion in your present and future life.

You will learn about:

  • Trigger work – Find the root of all your energetic triggers
  • Self worth vs. self love
  • Sex vs. love
  • Purpose vs. work
  • Money vs. abundance
  • Relationships vs. family
  • Creativity vs. time
  • Ego vs. higher self
  • Law of Attraction vs. Law of Reflection
  • Understanding of physical effects from emotional distress and trauma
  • Mastering frequency and vibration via understanding the 12 dimensions
  • The universal laws
  • The art of reading timelines & recognizing negative belief patterns, soul wounds & limiting self-perspectives.
  • How to find the root cause of self-hate or sabotage
  • Body languages and have an avid understanding of NLP
  • To incorporate shadow work and meditation into your practice
  • The process of time line regression
  • How to coach abundance and financial freedom
  • How to coach to attract love
  • An understanding of disease & pain coaching
  • To coach the family and to assist in healing their collective wounds
  • How to Marriage coach
  • How to coach children
  • How to market yourself as a light worker

What you Can Expect:

  • There are no pre-requistes or qualifications needed to purchase this class.
  • All of the content for the class is housed online.
  • There is no time limit set upon the class.  You will be able to work through the included material at your own pace.
  • Once you click the Buy Now button and complete payment information, you will be prompted to create your own user ID and password that will give you immediate access to Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA).
  • You can contact us anytime for assistance via email at [email protected]